Friday, 1 January 2010


Frequently Asked Questions

Who did the music?

The contributors are:

Seq 01: Kaen
Seq 02: Stenotic
Seq 03: Lights Set North -
Seq 04: Modey
Seq 05: Margaret Thatcher
Seq 06: Castrensis
Seq 07: Cubus -
Seq 08: Khrimson
Seq 09: Xiqhhyiecryn
Seq 10: Lascaille -
Seq 11: MRX
Seq 12: Soundwave
Seq 13: Braintree
Seq 14: Kcinsu -
Seq 15: u
Seq 16: Adjective -
Seq 17: Amorphous Humphrey Plugg
Seq 18: DJ Handbrake
Seq 19: Skink
Seq 20: Zephyr Nova -
Seq 21: Braintree (also seq 13)
Seq 22: Stenotic (also seq 2)
Seq 23: Xenocrates -

Why is there a timestamp on the videos?

When the people who started this project originally split the film into 23 sequences, they put on the timestamp to help contributors match the music to the visuals.

Unfortunately, its a rather big job to slice the film up again into exactly the same sequences (down to the millisecond) to get rid of the timestamp. We might get round to it eventually though.

Will there be a DVD?

That was the original plan, but given how long its taken to get this far, it might not appear for a while. A torrent may be more practical than an actual DVD. A lot of people are asking, so we'll start looking into it ...

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