Monday, 18 October 2010

Watmmopolis unveiled

On Sunday evening we had the first viewing of Watmmopolis in its entirety. This being a crowdsourced project, naturally the premiere was also geographically distributed and virtual. We used the synchtube service to make sure we were all watching it at the same time, and it worked pretty well, aside for some faffing about on my part when my connection went down : ). About 20 people watched the full 188 minutes together, which was a pretty good turn out considering the short notice. There were no paparazzi or red carpet at this premiere, but who needs those when you have a chatroom with this kind of chat?
beard defeats robot
Lang would be proud of wattumm
my mom took me to a play of this, when i was 5
mine took me to see russ abbott.dont ask.
For ideas about where this project might be headed next, see the FAQ

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